Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finally, trying again...

It's been almost two years since I last wrote here...

I confess, I found the course rather overwhelming, what with my ongoing health issues, and decided to defer...

I still find it overwhelming - I am still paralyzed on my right side, and still need a nap in the afternoons, but my stamina is a tad better than 2 years ago, and I knew I wanted to try and complete it - plus there's a time-limit to re-entering the course...

I haven't even handed in the first assignment, so it'll be a tall order to complete 3 assignments before August 2013, but if I manage that, I can request a 6-month extension to finish the last 2 assignments...

I think it's doable, with an extension, so I'm back on it!

I haven't been totally idle for 2 years, and drawing and writing with my left hand are becoming a little more natural - though, there's still a long way to go compared to being naturally right-handed for 43 years!

Here's a selection of my drawings from the last 6 months.
A blue Madonna

A young Virginia Woolf - a favourite author!
A vintage camera - 1960s? Circles are still a real challenge left-handed!!
A random doodle
Trying to copy a photo from my World of Downton Abbey book
A favourite photo of a cemetery angel holding fallen leaven in her marble palms
A chameleon - I hate these critters - a huge one fall on my head in Kenya 25 years and scarred me for life!
A Wren photgraphed by Cecil Beaton in 1942
My first attempt at drawing a man's face... all those angles and stubble!!
The obligatory bowl of fruit
Now I need to get back into the course exercises and assignments... Wish me luck :)


  1. I think that the commitment you have shown to your drawing and creativity in retraining yourself to draw with your left hand is astounding... you're an absolute example to us all in your dedication and perseverance. The Blue Madonna is beautiful!
    Alison x
    (fellow VW fan...)

  2. Good luck Claire - brilliant that you've decided to go back to the course. Look forward to seeing your posts over the coming weeks - go for it!

    Sue x

  3. Some excellent work, Claire. How much did you use your left hand before your stroke? Are you training it "from scratch"? I am very right handed and find it difficult to do the simplest thing with my left.